Pre-Primary School Education is Essential by Angels Academy

When we speak of early childhood education we mean education of children between the ages of a few months to 5 years old. This suggests that it does not typically start and end in the classroom. Early childhood training is the most crucial phase of educational development as it is from this phase that future development happens. A high quality pre-primary school program needs to incorporate teaching in reading capabilities, motor skills, vocabulary and communication capabilities. With a quality program this will create substantial benefits in children’s understanding and growth. Good childhood education has gotten more attention each year due to the outcomes in research that documents that a child will be a more successful student in his high school years and at tertiary level if they have been positively impacted in their early years.

Pre-primary school children must be provided with early reading, writing, recognition and involvement to be able to perform better through the later years. Pre-primary school teachers have an integral role to play during the early childhood development as they are part of the child’s initial experience of learning inside a classroom environment. Teachers also significantly assist families balance child rearing and work duties. The development of behaviour, values and long term habits requires a relationship involving the teacher, as well as families of children. Child development levels are encased in a multitude of places. Motor development means adjustment in a child’s movement abilities, motor learning will be the ability obtained from practice and experience. Child development and involved efforts to improve the quality and pace of the child’s ability via childhood schooling involves the reality and understanding basic abilities early in life, this results in a better understanding of complicated skills in the future.

Parents, caretakers and pre-primary school educators perform a crucial role during the early years of a child’s education. Most mother and fathers tend to be concerned with the calibre or the early childhood program accessible to them. Parents, the majority of whom are employed, have to know that their small children not merely are learning but are being properly cared for throughout the day. Parent’s will help make their child’s initial learning experience successful by examining their own thoughts and expectations and by considering how they can strengthen skills that their child is required to have at school. Parents are a child’s first teacher and definitely will proceed all though life to be instructors for their kids.

AUTHOR: Louw Albert
Angels Academy