There are great benefits to reading to children and in our busy world the time you spend reading with your children can be memories being made. As well as this valuable time set aside to read together, reading to your young ones is proving to be beneficial in the development of many different skill sets, according to latest studies. Here are five different ways that reading to your child can make a difference in his life, and yours.

Bonding: Reading to children benefits you as well

Even though most of us see reading as an exercise to further our knowledge, reading can be wonderfully fun and a very satisfying way to bond with your child. Scholastic, the book publisher, calls reading, “a gift for time-challenged parents who may feel guilty about missing special moments with their kids.”

With this is mind, reading to your children or with children, you can create quality time together, bond over stories, and learn new vocabulary. By reading to your kids you can help them learn about new and exciting themes, relationships, and aspects of life that they don’t know about. There is much to learn about the different ways that humans behave through reading, and it is through this medium that you can travel with child as he explores the world.

The research: Reading to children is the secret to success

The Melbourne Institute of Applied Economic and Social Research shows evidence that if children under the age of five years old read with an adult at least three times a week they are generally six months a head of children who do not when it comes to reading. The Melbourne Institute implies that children who are read to will keep on doing well as they age.

One benefit of reading to children: A rich vocabulary

There is a vast difference between talking to a child and reading to a child. Mostly this stems from the fact that when we talk, we use slang, colloquialisms, phrases, and jargon. When we read however, we are reading literature which is intricate, contains proper grammar and a rich vocabulary. When reading the child is confronted by a much more complicated and sophisticated world of language. A child who hears this form of language has an advantage, hands down.

Good for parents too: Teaching by example

If you are the kind of parent who has your nose in a book every once in a while then you will be teaching by example. Reading to your kids can be good for parents too. It can remind you, the parent, that for one, reading is great fun and two that your kids tend to copy what you do. When you think about how many bad habits you don’t want your kids to pick up from you, this is one habit that you want to get caught down in front of the kids often.

Reading to children boosts self esteem

Children who have a good vocabulary and have access to the words that they need to express how they feel, and what they think generally have a strong sense of self esteem and self image. When children have the vocabulary that is necessary, for example terminology, to express their ideas to teachers, peers and parents they build self confidence and strong academic standing. Well read children are more likely to be able to express themselves using the appropriate language without getting frustrated or acting out.

So a little hour or half hour of reading to your kids at bed-time can make a world of difference.